andrew blinn

i like programming languages & user interfaces; recovering math-head, now trying to pull abstractions into the grass and muss them up a bit. here are some things i'm working on:


a structured interaction engine

fructure is a prototype for an extensible structured editing engine, built around a ui for composing term-rewriting edit actions. editing abstractions like cursors and code-folding are reinterpreted as syntactic scaffolding in a meta-grammar of syntactic affordances

bad dog combinator

context patterns

capture contexts with racket/match

a library of custom pattern combinators for racket/match which generalize macro-by-example ellipses patterns. these use composable continuations to descend into arbitrary nested structures and capture both matches and their surrounding contexts

tangerine nightmare


an sdf raymarcher in c++

a simple cpu raymarcher parallelized with open MP, implementing constructive solid geometry, soft shadows, ambient occlusion, blinn-phong shading, and perlin noise

caged sphere